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The Hub concept forms the basis upon which our entire Ministry operates as we serve rural communities in Africa. Approaches for community participation are only made by local Pastors who, through establishing village Discipleship groups that will grow into village churches as classes are set up to train Disciple-Makers who reach out to their community.

The Hub Leader is a trained pastor who “duplicates” himself in the leaders identified to head the churches that are planted in the village. The training process consists of regular classroom teaching and an apprenticeship type hands-on in service mentoring to ensure that the pastors-in-training are able to practically and effectively lead their churches. The curriculum used to train the Pastors runs over a period of three years.

In this manner a Hub grows from the Hub Church to 40 churches planted in villages within walking distance of the Hub Church. On average each Hub grows to serve between 4,000 and 10,000 members, depending upon the demography, over the seven year period that we take the three phases of leaders through the training program.

A Hub can be sponsored for $300 through all the phases described above.

A District Leader who oversees 10 HUBS can be sponsored for $110 per month.

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