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Mercy for Africa Summer2015

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Newsletter from ZAmbia:

Without beating around any bushes: we’ll be privileged to set up a cot in our house, one more time. We are expecting our fourth little Paalman. Rashelle is praying hard for a little sister, but mercifully, that is not in our hands. Ilne is feeling well, for which we are thankful. We also found a doctor in a small town nearby that will be able to perform the necessary ceasarian section. An older dutch midwife will check her regularly. We are thankful for God’s provision.

I also want to express my thanks to everyone who made it possible for me to visit and stay in the Netherlands. It was a big surprise and blessing for my mom. It took her thoughts off the move to the ‘old age home’. And it was possible for me to talk about the new project, to anyone that would listen. From this comes a big word of thank you again to everyone who supports us in some way- we are blessed. It’s not always comfortable to be dependant, and then I keep forgetting: “Seek my Kingdom first, and the rest will be added unto you.” As we get busier with this new project, it is essential to remember, that God’s Kingdom does come first, that we need to be salt and light, and not just the focus on the what needs to be done, but also on the how. I want to ask for prayer, in this regard. Please!

In our church service on Sunday, a friend said that God just reminded her of three words: IT IS FINISHED. What a wonderful message and what an honest message. So often satan keeps un in bondage with guilt, with all our past baggage, and we keep going in the same circle. We forget that it is finished, He has risen after nailing every sin on the cross. Let us rejoice in what He has done, and remember that His Grace is sufficient. This is the beautiful message of Easter.

Meanwhile, the rain is (very) slowly reducing. It is normally completely dry by now, but the rain seems to linger this year. Causing lots of damage, after the relative drought of the rainy season. Many people saw poor rains, hence very poor crops throughout southern Africa, and are now watching it rot because they can not get it off the land, due to the late rains. We saw them even removing the sugar by hand off the fields today. And realize we are talking about 30 000hectares. (Of cause they will soon start using their machines for the actual removal. They cut by hand anyway). We are in a good position, our piece of land is small, and hence we could harvest on dry days, and quickly replant. Using the late moisture for germination. This will hopefully deliver some extra crop after irrigation.

Nongo Farms cooperation is quickly getting off the ground. Carl had his first meeting with the community- and they were quite excited. There are just so many ways to reach out to one another. The first things that need to happen: a corn storage, so as to help that the current crop (what little there is) does not get destroyed by mice, weavels and other larger animals. It is not a free venture. But for a small price they can store their maize. So, they are doing it for themselves. Carl has hired some extra men, stretching his people’s skills. They’ve done the foundation, and started with the floor today. The walls will be made of steel, which Carl already has laying ready. The second priority is to prepare land for next year, while the ground is still soft. For that end we have invested (thanks to Hope Builders Ministries) in our first implements. It caused quite the stir!!

If there are any handy people out there, who are really bored. I could do with help I do not have to supervise.

Now from Ilne’s end: We’re completely into home schooling now. Rashelle is loving it, and I’m loving it. It is such a privilege to watch your child learn- like when they learn to walk, just watching her trying to read the letters, and the little lightbulb going up, It’s precious. Tim is also doing well, pleading me to also start him on the curriculum. He is due to start next year, and he is rearing to go. Simon is completely African. Honestly, he is never without mud streaks, we have to physically stop him from chasing the cows around, and sometimes we just don’t even want to know where he’s been. He talks up a storm, to whomever would like to listen.

I am busy in the house, with church stuff (hopefully I can elaborate on this soon) and am also still trying to get registered. They recently lost my file, which had me ready to quit, but I heard this morning

that they rediscovered it. I wish I could share the store room with you. Anyway, I’m getting closer. I’m not sure why God is stirring me to do this, but we will see... For the rest, all kinds of odds and ends.

The only other news I wanted to share with you, is that our pastor in Gordon’s Bay (South Africa- when we were with Goeie Hoop House), passed away last week. We knew he was not well and very ready to go, but it still leaves a huge gap in the lives of his wife and children. If you could just think of them, and pray God’s Peace on them, as they walk this part of their journey with such faithfulness.

For the future: ahead of us lays a few hectic months, on all fronts. Please, if you do not hear from us, it’s not because we’re lazy, don’t care or have forgotten you. It’s because the hours in the day ran out again. I was reading the story of Joshua praying for the sun to stand still to Rashelle today. I might use it slightly more in the coming time. The most prominent part of that will be a proposed travel to America in July for me and Rashelle, for some fundraising purposes. The same Carl just did in Holland. It will be short and (hopefully) intense. I still need all kinds of paperwork. So, that might be another prayer point if you don’t mind.

We’ll be hosting a few people in the next months also. I might get them to write parts of our next newsletters. Should be interesting- I will hold the right to refuse I think. Just in case we can’t get anyone to visit again!

I’ll try my best to be more faithful on the blog too. SO, follow us there. Just click ‘follow us’ to be notified of action, then you don’t need to go check so often.

Good night and God bless
It’s time for me to join the roaring African Lion next to me, snoring away (with a dutch accent) Ilne 

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