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Over 10,000 Believers are being discipled in Andhra Pradesh.

From January 2008 to today Hope Builders Ministries has had tremendous success by the Grace of God in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Working with the director, Rev. Stephen Prasad, many Hubs of Disciples are training.

Andhra Pradesh has over 100 MILLION souls living in 13 districts and Hope Builders is working in 7 of them. This means that HBM INDIA can potentially reach over 50 MILLION people with the Gospel in this ONE state.

126 HUBS are organized in Andhra Pradesh. Each hub has a leader who oversees the Bible teaching provided by HBM. There are 2060 Pastors and 1000 evangelists (men and women) in the training program. Each of these pastors is intentionally making disciples in his local church.


I have been running HBM Hub training in my town called Narisingabili. Because of the HBM training we are receiving from Stephen Prasad many believers in our churches are becoming disciples of Jesus Christ. By using the One on Three method of disicple making the numbers are growing. My congregation now helps me with Gospel outreach. Many people in the surrounding villages are responding and coming to Christ. Priase the Lord for Hope Builders Ministries.

My name is Pasor Jayaraj. Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

I have been working with Pastor Stephen and Hope Builders Ministries as a HUB Leader for three years. In our many different areas the pastors and believers are taught the mandate of Jesus to all believers to make disciples. We use the "one to three" disciple making method taught by HBM. We have recently started 23 NEW disciple making groups. Spiritually and numerically our churches are growing. Many among the Hindus are coming to Christ Jesus, the One true and living God. 

Thank you for helping us and we thank God for giving us this great opportunity to make disciples in India.

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