Tuesday, March 28th, 2017


For many years cooperation with “foreign missionaries” was not only discouraged but at times prohibited. During this entire time we maintained strong relationships with a number of core leaders through whom ministry to their own people was directed. A development that took us all by surprise was when the Zimbabwean branch of the biggest church group in Southern Africa came to ask for help with the training of their Pastoral Leaders. Their “independent” status has isolated and precluded them from entering into cooperation agreements for the training of their leaders, thus much heresy had infiltrated their leadership ranks – they are a highly syncretistic group at best (incorporating ancestral worship, witch doctor activity, cultural rituals, etc into their church-life) but they have a very highly developed work ethic and moral behavioral code. By God’s grace we have just presented Diplomas to 96 of the 870 pastoral students that are in training currently.  

Today HBM is also working along side two pastors, Bro. Tafara and Bro. Knowledge, in the Victoria Falls area. Each of these men is developing a HUB of pastors and leaders and training them in the Word using the Calvary Academics Bible program.

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