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This is one of our oldest ministry fields but because for many years it had been the poorest country in the world (25 years of civil war), very low literacy rates and non-English speaking people, progress has been slower than in many countries in the region. However, in the last 5 years our focus on MAKING DISCIPLES has born much more fruit than prior years, Lawrence (Country coordinator) says: “Never before have so many people responded to the Gospel as now—I think it is because ordinary church members are speaking to their neighbors—people see their lives, witness their FAITH and know that Christians have something they want also”.

Our work in started during the civil war period in the form of supplying Bibles and Leadership Training to congregations who lost their Pastors due to persecution. During this period Mozambique became the poorest country in the world.

After the war we expanded into the most remote "bush" areas where no one else was prepared to go. The hunger for God's Word was and remains overwhelming - people walk many miles to attend churches in the cities and larger towns but the remote villages do not have access to such "luxuries". Our Hub Strategy is particularly effective in serving such communities. There are over 800 congregations that have been established and Pastors trained to serve in each of them while Disciple-Making classes are run to ensure that the villages are reached also.

The Children Harvest, Widows & Orphans and Bibles for Believers programs as well as the provision of the needed Tools all form part of our strategy of empowering the local Body of Christ to reach their own people with the gospel.

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