Tuesday, March 28th, 2017


“Many times people asked me questions about Jesus and I tried to answer but I was not confident that my answers were really correct. After training everything has changed. I read my Bible with new understanding; preach with confidence and lead my congregation in being obedient to God. Our church has doubled in size in these 3 years”. Pastor Namikungula.

Women’s Ministry and Youth leader: Firiny says “I just did what I saw others doing without understanding. Now my heart is full of Jesus’ love and He is using me to set people free”.

This land-locked country in central Southern Africa borders Mozambique. It received and helped more than a million refugees and thus also sank into rank poverty. Malawians are amongst the most peace-loving people in Africa with a great zeal to share their knowledge of the Word as they learn and mature in their faith.

With the January 2011 intake of 1,450 new Pastoral students Malawi will be the country in which our Hub Training is growing the fastest and also the country where most churches are being served through the Hub Strategy. Some 2,500 churches are currently being served - the impact is seen where entire communities have been reached with the gospel.

The Children Harvest, Widows & Orphans and Bibles for Believers programs as well as the provision of the needed Tools all form part of our strategy of empowering the local Body of Christ to reach their own people with the gospel.


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