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Jeff Hawkins | Country Coordinator, Zambia/India

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For 18 years Jeff and Lou Ann served as pastor and wife in several churches in Kentucky. The Indigenous Missions dream began in 2003 when Jeff met Johan Gous with Hope Builders Ministries and became interested in the work of God among national pastors and Christians in Africa. This incredible work of God described by Johan was so fascinating and compelling that he had to see for himself this "harvest" field.

In 2005 Jeff joined an international short-term mission team of believers working in Zambia. It was amazing to be a part of this team working beside the indigenous church winning thousands to the Lord and helping to plant 25 new churches in ONE week! Jeff personally witnessed hundreds coming to Christ and 7 new churches started. Jeff returned to Africa in 2006 conducting a Bible Conference in Zambia and then join another evangelism and church planting team in Mozambique. Again the response to the Word of God was overwhelming.

In 2007 Jeff and Lou Ann knew that the Lord was allowing them to "shift" ministries from pastoring local churches in the USA to partnering with the Indigenous Church in Zambia helping to train Zambian pastors in the Word of God to make disciples of Jesus Christ. The need for trained pastors is great and Hope Builders Ministries provides a way for many pastors in Zambia and other African countries to receive this training. Today, Jeff and Lou Ann work with Hope Builders Ministries to coordinate support and training for the Indigenous church in Africa and India.

In 2008 Jeff met Pastor Stephen Prasad from India via Skype and began a discipling relationship with him teaching him the HUB model and the importants of discipling key men who would then multiply discipleship with others. In 2013 Jeff was privileged to travel to India and meet Stephen "face to face" for the first time. They partnered together and begining with 10 trained pastors a tremendous ministry began. Today from this humble beginning there are now 2000 pastors and their churches participating in Bible training and disciple making. There are another 1000 evangelists (men and women) involved in this mission in Andhra Pradesh (population 100 million). 

In 2013 Jeff met Pastor/Evangelist Prabhukiran from Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Prabhu and his wife are now working all over Telangana teaching remote village pastors in the Word and about "One2Three" disciple making. The impact has been huge.

Jeff travels to Zambia and India several times a year to encouragie the leadership of the HBM indigenous ministries and personally disciple them so that they can in turn disciple others. In these two countries there are 10,000 pastors and churches involves with pastoral training and disciple making. Praise the Lord!

As with all of Hope Builders Ministries the goal is to EMPOWER the indigenous church to do the work of the ministry in their own countries and cultures. HBM is a partner with them in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The gifts given to the work in Zambia and India are carefully distributed and closely coordinated with key leaders providing Bibles, Bible Training material, Disciple Making material, Bible conferences and other needs of the rural pastors like bicycles, motorcycles, eye glasses and training centers. 

Jeff serves on the Board of Directors of Hope Builders Ministries.

Lou Ann and Jeff are graduates of Southeastern Bible College, Birmingham, AL and parents of 4 children and grandparents of 10. They reside in Texarkana, TX.  

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