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Gerald Steele | Makua People

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Gerald and Miriam Steele are career missionaries, having served in Brazil, Portugal and Mozambique. They are both graduates of Bethel College, Mishawaka, Indiana. Gerald also has a master's degree in Missiology from Columbia Graduate School of Bible and Missions in Columbia, South Carolina. They currently reside in Long Island City, New York where they pastor a Portuguese speaking congregation. In addition to leading their church they make frequent trips to Mozambique to facilitate the Makua Project. The Makua Project began in 2006 in partnership with Hope Builders Ministries and in less than six years has witnessed the making of over 35,000 disciples and the establishment of over 400 new churches amongst one of the largest unreached folk/Islamic people groups in the world (over six million). These phenomenal results have occurred because of an emphasis on the hub model of church multiplication, the spontaneous multiplication of disciples who make disciples, the provision of Bibles for believers and a genuine move of God's Holy Spirit. Gerald is also the vice president of the Keystone Project which promotes the launching of disciple-making movements around the world. He travels frequently to Portuguese speaking countries to do trainings with evangelical leaders.

Gerald and Miriam are the proud parents of three children and five grandchildren

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