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Christopher Ray | Communications, Fundraising

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Christopher felt God calling him to ministry in 2000, so he enrolled in Calvary Chapel School of Ministry. There he met his wife, who was serving as a missionary in Guam and Mexico. 

After graduation, Christopher served as a chaplain in the Los Angeles County Jail System. He was ordained at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and ministered to inmates at the Twin Tower Correctional Facility in Downtown LA. 

Christopher eventually started a family with his wife. In 2008, Christopher began to lead a small home church in Bethel, Ohio. During this time, he shared the Gospel in downtown Cincinnati. 

After Christopher lost his job in Ohio, they stepped out in faith and took their evangelism ministry on the road. They did outreaches and evangelism workshops around the country. During a stop in Branson on their way back to Ohio, they visited Calvary Chapel Branson and God opened up many opportunities for ministry. They moved to Branson permanently and Christopher became an assistant pastor. He currently teaches the Old Testament Bible study on Tuesday night and is active in foreign missions. God has used Christopher's experience in domestic and oversees missions over the last 15 years to give him, his wife and children a passion for missions.  You can support the Ray Family with HBM HERE       

Christopher Ray Family

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