Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Hub Strategy

‚ÄčFulfilling the Great Commission through Disciple-Makers

Our vision of reaching Africa for Jesus Christ, in collaboration with PARTNER MINISTRIES in Africa is progressing well and we are seeing our Hub-model Saturation Disciple-Making Strategy achieving results that are beyond our own expectations. We are currently working in Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Congo (Brazzaville). Tanzania, Botswana and Zimbabwe are the newer exploration fields where exciting projects are being established.

The hub strategy forms the basis of our entire ministry - with the hub church and the hub leader being the key elements. A Hub-Church is chosen for its strategic location in an area where the population is distributed such that outreaches can be done in an area covering a 25 mile radius around the hub-church. Generally speaking that could encompass villages housing about 50,000 people in total. The Hub-Church also doubles as the training center where the newly identified "pastors" for that area, will be trained.

The Hub Leader is a trained Pastor who joins our team by accepting and implementing the Hub-model strategy. He leads an evangelism team who reach out to villages within walking/bicycling distance from the Hub-Church. The Hub Leader is required to plant 10 churches within a year. 

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