Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Get Involved

Hope Builders Ministries needs PARTNERS to increase the effectiveness of our ministry and YOU can play a major roll in this where you live.

  • Pray for us: sign up for info to focus your prayers
  • Become an ADVOCATE for our programs in your church, workplace, among family and friends
  • Give financially
  • Go on an outreach and experience first-hand what we talk about

Pastors and Churches:

  • GROWING a Hub (plant 40 churches, train 40 pastors and disciple 5,000 people in 6 years – Sponsorship cost $300 per month
  • Supporting a  Hub Leader ($110 per month) 
  • The provision of Bibles and Bicycles to enhance the effectiveness of pastors work - $12 and $120 respectively, to buy and deliver.

Widows and Orphans/Children:

  • Lydia Circle – Conferences to empower the wives of leaders to serve their communities (Practical Biblical principles, basic health, Child rearing, etc) - $35 per participant.
  • Supplying these women leaders with the “tools” and curriculum to effectively reach their villages for the Lord - $25 per month
  • The Dignity Project to save at-risk children through widows – monthly need $45.
  • Supplying widows and orphans with the gardening tools and seed so that they are able to be PRODUCTIVE members of a poverty stricken society - $150 one-time gift.
  • Providing Comic Book Bibles for non-readers and children who are “hungry for God’s Word” - $12 to buy and deliver a CBB.


Come on a 13-day short-term missions trip where you partner with the pastor and members of a local church in disciple-making and where many hundreds of people will respond to your witnessing – approximately $4,000 total (before immunization shots and passport)

We would love to serve you here at home by:

Visiting your church to talk about our call and what God is doing to reach Africa through AFRICANS with whom you can PARTNER (Services, Sunday Schools, small groups, mission committees, etc)
Your church presenting a Bibles for Believers Day – we provide brochures, envelopes and a DVD – your own Pastor (or missions person) presents the Project

P.O. Box 317
Greenwood, VA 22943
Phone: 434-825-7661
Email: info@hbmin.org

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